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Soccer or Football : What is the right term? - besoccer.com

People are always confused about whether they should call it soccer or football.

Soccer or Football? Which is Correct? - Football Bloody Hell

There are no two sports with fans constantly bickering with each other about the title like football and soccer.

Ireland care about football or soccer? - Answers

Three types of football are popular in Ireland. Irish people like soccer, Rugby and Ireland's national sport which is Gaelic Football. ...

football or soccer in Ireland | WordReference Forums

Hello, A friend of mine told me that people in Ireland call football soccer, just like Americans.

Soccer or Football – Which is More Correct? | Yellow "How To"

To the purists, the beautiful game is known as football and football only.

Ireland Football Shirts & Kit - UKSoccershop

Buy the new Ireland football shirts including shorts, socks and training kit.

Football Vs. Soccer: Which Sport Is Better ?

Gaelic football and soccer are two of the most popular sports in Ireland.

Ireland national football team - Wikipedia

For the women's team, see Republic of Ireland women's national football team.

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Learn about where the names "football" and soccer" come from, and who uses them now.

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The history of the development of Association Football, or soccer as it is also known ...